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Saturday , February 6 , 2010

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Behind My Eyes- A personal nightmare
February 06, 2010:   MALEFACTOR.
  Hey everyone, Happy New Year! I took a longer break than expected for the holidays because I just got swamped with stuff. I'm starting school so updates will be all over the place. More so because it's the start of con season! YAY! Anyway, thanks for sticking with me and I'll attempt to update at least once a week. No promises though ^^; lol


Update schedule? What's that? Lawl I update every couple of days when I finish a comic and get the time to throw it up ^_^;

So what is Malefactor anyway?  Malefactor is a totally depressing comic about some seriously issue-laden individuals who just happen to be assassins... enough said.  Well anyway, I hope you enjoy this little aberration of nature after it gets going.

Malefactor is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.
Etched in cyberclay by Yang the Minion.
All characters are copyright of Raven Winter. Original character concepts by Raven and Yang the Minion.